Ausvis Pty Ltd is a Western Australian-based company that specialises in providing consultancy services on Intellectual Property matters and professional writing and documentation.

Ausvis Pty Ltd provides a range of professional consultancy services on matters relating to Intellectual Property (IP) for businesses and individuals. Our consultants are qualified and experienced in devising strategies to identify and manage IP assets, provide advice on IP protection and are aware of the latest developments in IP research, data protection schemes and enforcement strategies.

Write Manager offers a range of professional writing services including resume preparation, selection criteria, job applications, drafting letters, editing, proof reading and word processing, of documents. Our Write Manager consultants have extensive experience in preparing a wide range of written documents and can assist you with preparing documents to a high standard. Our fast, professional and friendly service means that you can rely on us to provide you with quality documents. As part of our commitment to supporting the community, Write Manager offers students and the unemployed a discounted rate for Resume preparation.